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24/7 in-person

& remote assistance

24/7 in-person

& remote assistance




from $1 per day

24/7 in-person response for critical incidents and comprehensive safety and welfare features available via the Member app.


Essentials package details

The Essentials package provides 24/7 in-person support for incidents affecting the health and wellbeing of members, in events such as:

+ injury, hospitalisation or serious illness
+ involvement in an accident e.g. vehicle, bicycle, sport
+ being a victim of a crime
+ needing to contact local emergency services (police, ambulance, fire etc)

Essentials members also benefit from safety and welfare features included in the Member app:

+ Distress function: Directly alert the support centre and/or the emergency services for urgent assistance

+ Walk With Me: Set your destination and our support centre will monitor your safe travel en route via GPS

+ Check-In: If you’re meeting somebody for the first time, or going on a date, set a duration and frequency to check-in, and our support centre will monitor your check-ins and provide support if required

+ Unsafe area monitoring: We scan social media and news feeds for potentially dangerous situations and rapidly alert any members in the area



from $13.89 per day

Essentials plus exclusive and tailored concierge assistance including 24/7 in-person support for non-critical incidents.


Premier package details

The Premier package includes all the features and benefits of Essentials membership, plus 24/7 support for non-critical incidents, and access to a local Liaison Officer to assist in-person with any requirements the student or their parents may have. This includes help with school enrolment and orientation, buying a car, accommodation sourcing and leasing, or attending specialist appointments.

Premier services include:

+ Pre-departure support, including welcome and pre-departure calls to ensure the student is prepared for transition to their new life in Australia, and assistance with finding suitable accommodation and negotiating with landlords

+ Arrival greeting, private airport transfers, in-person assistance for purchasing essential living items, scheduling bank and phone set up, and local area orientation

+ Welcome pack including city guide, pre-paid SIM card with unlimited calls to select countries and 3GB data, and public transport card with approximately 7 days of credit

+ Up to nine* concierge 3hr call-outs with a local professional to assist with any type of request the student has, such as obtaining a driver’s license, registering for Government services or city tours

* Based on a 12 month Sonder Premier subscription

For students under 18 years old



$65 per week

Australia’s No. 1 guardian caregiver service for young international students.


Guardian package details

We pride ourselves on the delivery of tailored, professional and immediate care to students, including timely and continual feedback to parents and education providers on the health and wellbeing of the student.

All of our guardians are thoroughly vetted prior to commencing caregiver responsibilities, including ‘Working With Children’ checks, police background checks and appropriate professional experience. Our bi-lingual staff are well positioned to support your child as they transition to a new study environment.

Guardian services include:

+ Pre-departure welfare call and access to the Sonder Mobile application for pre-departure support.

+ Assistance with finding you the most appropriate Homestay accommodation.

+ Welcome to Australia pack including:

– Bank account establishment
– SIM card
– Public transport card

+ In-person meeting between Sonder guardian and both the Home-stay host family and education provider within 24h of arrival.

+ Provision of an age and culturally appropriate orientation program.

+ Attendance at enrolment day with your child to assist in integrating to their new study environment.

+ Advocacy on behalf of the student for all safety and welfare issues, including escorting the student to medical or specialist appointments, ensuring the student meets visa requirements for school attendance, and attending school meetings on the parent’s behalf.

Guardian fee – $65 per week
Processing fee -$300

Regular inspections of homestay accommodation.

Immediate reporting to parent of any issue regarding health or well-being of student.

Fortnightly in-person welfare check and welfare phone call every other week.

Regular in-person visits to education provider.

Monthly update report and follow-up phone call / video call with parents.

Translation services for academic reports, update reports and other documentation as required.

Immediate support and referral for any mental health issues.

Advice and referral for academic issues and tutoring.

In-person assistance if student needs to change accommodation.

Sonder Australia Caregiver Services Agreement Proforma

Sonder Complaints and Resolution Policy