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At Sonder, we are practitioners in the prevention of, and response to, incidents that impact upon the safety and well-being of our members. Here, we share our insights into complex issues that need to be collaboratively understood – and addressed – in order to drive improvement in the public safety sector.

Crowdmapping and Public Safety

Crowdmapping and Public Safety The recent release of Free To Be has provided unique insight into assault and street harassment against women in Sydney, much of which often is unreported. The ease of use - requiring only a pin drop to highlight a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ spot has resulted in more than 5,000 contributions. Unfortunately, the majority of these pin drops are the result of bad experiences. There are two key takeaways here for those interested in the intersection between technology and safety. The first is the value that crowdmapping can add to our collective environmental awareness as it [...]

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A Collective Responsibility – Sexual Assault and Harassment in Australia

Sexual Assault and Harassment in Australia - A Collective Responsibility In the past six months, two significant reports have been released regarding sexual assault in Australia: Elizabeth Broderick’s 2017 report [PDF], “Cultural Renewal at the University of Sydney Residential Colleges” and End Rape on Campus’ 2018 “The Red Zone Report [PDF]”. Both documents, as well as subsequent media coverage, provided disturbing insight into student behaviours taking place on some Australian college and university campuses. However, the results were not surprising. The Australian Bureau of Statistics Recorded Crime - Victims, Australia (2016) research identified a fifth consecutive annual increase in the [...]

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