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Sonder Guardian provides safety and welfare services to students under the age of 18.
Our guardian (caregiver) services give parents peace of mind by making their child’s wellbeing our priority.
Our experience of working closely with education providers ensures we meet the requirements for schools or institutions in the provision of caregiver services, whilst maintaining independent advocacy on behalf of the student.


International students aged under 18 must have suitable welfare arrangements during their study in Australia.
Sonder Australia, as a premier provider of safety and welfare services to international students, ensures all of our members under the age of 18 are cared for to the highest standards. The Sonder Guardian package satisfies both Australian Government (DIBP) standards as well as your education providers’ CAAW requirements. Our national network of professional guardians, supported by our 24/7 Sonder Support Centre and crisis response network, ensure students under the age of 18 are continually supported and cared for during their studies in Australia.

We pride ourselves on the delivery of tailored, professional and immediate care to students, including timely and continual feedback to parents and education providers on the health and wellbeing of the student.

All of our guardians are thoroughly vetted prior to commencing caregiver responsibilities, including ‘Working With Children’ checks, police background checks and appropriate professional experience. Our bi-lingual staff are well positioned to support your child as they transition to a new study environment.


Pre-departure welfare call and access to the Sonder Mobile application for pre-departure support.

Assistance with finding you the most appropriate Homestay accommodation.

Airport pick-up and transfer to Homestay or College accommodation.

Welcome to Australia pack including:

Bank account establishment
SIM card
Public transport card

In-person meeting between Sonder guardian and both the Home-stay host family and education provider within 24h of arrival.

Provision of an age and culturally appropriate orientation program.

Attendance at enrolment day with your child to assist in integrating to their new study environment.

Advocacy on behalf of the student for all safety and welfare issues, including escorting the student to medical or specialist appointments, ensuring the student meets visa requirements for school attendance, and attending school meetings on the parent’s behalf.

Guardian fee – $65 per week
Processing fee -$300*
*Processing fee waived if length of guardian services exceeds 6 months.

Regular inspections of homestay accommodation.

Immediate reporting to parent of any issue regarding health or well-being of student.

Weekly welfare check phone call with student.

Regular in-person visits to education provider.

Monthly update report and follow-up phone call / video call with parents.

Translation services for academic reports, update reports and other documentation as required.

Immediate support and referral for any mental health issues.

Advice and referral for academic issues and tutoring.

In-person assistance if student needs to change accommodation.

Complimentary access to Sonder Advantage services, including:

The Sonder Mobile Application with built-in safety features:

  • Distress Button
  • Check-in/Check-out
  • Walk with Me
  • I am SAFE

Access to the 24/7 Sonder Support Centre
Sonder Community Events

Looking for a VIP offering for your child?

If you are seeking additional VIP services for your child, our Sonder Premier package includes guardian services for the period your child will be under 18. On their 18th birthday, they will continue to receive all of the VIP services that Sonder Premier provides.

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