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Sonder plans

Sonder is your 24/7, multilingual, rapid response network, dedicated to prioritising you in your times of need. Whether we help in person or over the phone, we’re by your side to support, guide, alleviate, step in and take control, depending on your situation.

Additional services

In addition to the benefits of all standard Sonder services, our VIP and Guardian specialised services place young people and international students at the centre of our support network. We align closely with Australian educational institutes and providers whilst maintaining independent advocacy on behalf of students and young adults under our care.

How does it work?

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, Sonder is ready to lead you through any complicated or confronting situation. Swipe, tap or call to connect instantly with our support centre. Whatever the situation, our local, expert rapid responders work with you to assess what’s happening and ensure every action and decision is the right one for your safety and wellbeing.

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