Help when you need to get home safely Help when you need peace of mind on the move Help when you need someone by your side Help when you need action on your behalf

Your 24/7 rapid response network

We believe no matter where you are or what situation you’re in, there are good people out there in the world with the right skills and desire to help you feel safe. We are dedicated to prioritising you in your times of need. We’re accessible on demand via the Sonder app, phone and in-person.

Always by your side

We’re here to support your safety and wellbeing whether you’re at home or out and about. If you need us to accompany you using our ‘Track My Journey’ app feature, or you’d like a ‘Check On Me’ before, during or after a meet-up or event, we’re here for you.

24/7 local support and assistance

We’re with you, whether it’s via the Sonder app, over the phone, or in person with one of our Liaison Officers. We empower you to make the best decisions and take the appropriate action to protect your rights, safety and welfare.

Geolocation monitoring and alerts

In the rare event of a security or safety incident occurring in your area, we use the latest geolocation technology to notify you and make sure everything is okay.

How does it work?

With the world at your feet, Sonder is at your fingertips providing immediate access to local help and assistance. Download our dedicated app to gain access to a host of safety information and features.

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During a major incident nearby in Melbourne CBD, Sonder called to make sure I was safe. Sonder allows me to explore with peace of mind


University of Melbourne, VIC

Because of Sonder, I am able to seek assistance in emergency situations, therefore my personal safety is guaranteed


Australian National University, Canberra

With the support and compassion of Sonder, parents can be relieved. With appropriate assistance, children can adjust to studying abroad faster. I would recommend Sonder!


Mother of student at Taylors College, Perth

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Sonder for organisations

Sonder works with corporate and institutional partners to ensure the safety, security and well-being of their clients, staff and others under their duty of care.